Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Latest Chris Brown Mishap

I'm quite tired of the media continuing to vilify Chris Brown as if NO ONE on this planet has ever messed up, as if no one has ever been young, dumb, and stupid, as if anger has never made anyone lose major control, and as if he doesn't have time in his life to learn and do better.

Yes, his actions were wrong.
Yes, he messed up!
Yes, he deserved to be punished legally for what he did (which he was), but how the heck is he ever supposed to reflect back on it and LEARN from his mistakes if he is never allowed to fully move past it?

How many other celebs have done similar (or worse) things that he did, and we still held it over their heads TWO YEARS LATER?

The media loves to see people fall, but when they do, is it required media guidelines to keep shoving their face in it?  What is it about our society that makes us want to keep holding bad things over people as if no one can ever forgive and forget?

I'm a little disappointed that Robin Roberts was the one who did this interview and turned what should and could have been a chance for Brown to promote his album into his latest incident of going off and losing control.  His reaction afterwards, if reports are correct, was inappropriate, but who knows what was in his head at the time?  You never know how someone else's day has been.  You never know what might set someone off.

People cannot learn from and heal from their mistakes if their mistakes are always thrown in their faces.

Give me a break because honestly, I'm quite tired of this shit!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

U.S. Passport Holders By State (MAP)

I can only speak for the South, but I don't think it's necessaril­y "never want to"--at least not for the newer generation­s. Older generation­s--sure. They're quite content to sit still and travel only within the U.S. But the newer generation­s (myself included) most definitely want to get out and explore, but it's the economic issue. The South still has way too many poor states which inhibits the ability to travel outside the states.

I'm thankful that despite the ability to travel abroad right now, I pay attention to the world and am desperatel­y trying to see it. My parents took me all over this country, which gave me the travelling bug, so I'm always itching to explore. I wish more people were too!
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