Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our "Lovely" Congress at Work... UGH!

So, despite jobs (and the economy in general) needing to be the number one agenda of Congress right now (and newly elected Repubs claimed it would be), Repubs have chosen to draft an innumerable amount of bills on everything BUT jobs.  O...k.

In Charles M. Blow's NYTimes op-ed article, he discusses the large quantity of new bills to be introduced into Congress soon.  Quite honestly, this article scares the shit out of me!

I'm trying desperately to understand why this new Congress has chosen to initially ignore the most important aspect of what they were elected for and what we need (jobs) and focus on things that even their own constituents don't really care about.  Oh... I get it.  They don't really care about getting anything done.  They only want to promote their agenda--regardless of who gets hurt in the process.
We are hurting.  We are in dire situations these days.  Few things have improved, but at least things got accomplished dealing with the previous Congress.  Almost no one is immune from this horrible economy and the state of jobs these days, but they want to focus on stuff like repealing the health care law, chipping away at abortion rights (by any means necessary), stripping gay couples of the few rights they do have (and have fought hard for), creating extremely hostile environments for Hispanics/Latinos (oddly, in states with the highest populations of Hispanics/Latinos), and just in general being asses to anyone who isn't white, male, and making over roughly $100,000 per year.

Quite honestly, this is pure bullshit, and I cannot WAIT for the next election when the people realize that all the crap the GOP promised so they could get elected has NOT come to fruition... or even come to the floor via a bill because the GOP focused on the wrong shit!
Many of the new GOP-ers wanting to take our country back several decades, possibly even centuries, makes me extremely concerned.  Soon, one of them may write a bill saying we need to employ human slaves again.  I'm being facetious, but not really.  Based on the extremely flawed logic they've displayed as of late, I wouldn't put that idea passed them.

I'm not ready to deal with the extremely extended presidential campaigns, but I'm beyond ready to elect a new Congress.  UGH!

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