Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm skeptical...

While the actions of our leaders during the previous administration (GWB) leave MUCH to be desired about how we treat others--especially how we treat others during war, I somehow seriously doubt anyone from the previous administration will ever be tried for war crimes.

When we think of war crimes, we often think of warlords--more specifically, we think of warlords of ridiculously corrupt and broken African countries. (I'm sure there is something extra wrong about that connection, but I'll handle that on another day.)  We know of warlords being tried and convicted, but I somehow can't recall anyone from the U.S. ever being tried for war crimes.

In this new age of 24 hours, WikiLeaks, cameras on every phone or gadget, everyone wanting to be the new, next, hot thing and catch the latest big thing, the truth can't continue to be hidden from us... or can it?

I just highly doubt this cases discussed in this article will ever come to fruition.

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