Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Essence of Planned Obsolescence

While shopping recently, I reached for refill blades for my favorite razor, only to recoil my hand in horror.
As the image shows, the razor itself + one blade is a bit over 4$; however the cost of 5 refill blades is nearly twice the cost of the razor at 8.23$.

Are you shitting me? So, essentially, you're trying to make me believe that it costs twice as much to make thin ass safety blades with their strip of aloe and tuck them in a nice cute box as it does to make the actual razor of plastic, metal, and whatever else plus a blade. Really?!

I'm not buying it--figuratively AND literally.

I stood there in the aisle appalled at the thought of this. Annoyed at the nerve of the makers. Enraged at planned obsolescence. Though companies could make products that would last longer, they choose not to so they can make more money. And with replacement blades that actually cost nearly twice as much as the original blade, you can be damn sure they are making tons of money.

Planned Obsolescence worked well for the country when we need to economically pull ourselves out from the economic clusterfuck that was the Great Depression, but then WWII came along and wartime production was big money. Planned obsolescence is actually defined as instilling in the buyer the desire to buy something a little newer, a little better, a little sooner than what is necessary." This works wonders in the realm of beauty products for women.

And when in the hell did we decide that women needed to shave so much? Who in the hell decided that it was ultra-feminine to have damn near no body hair. Babies and pre-pubescent kids lack body hair. Adults have hair sprouting out of more places that anyone would like to admit. But that's real.
As a fully grown adult with kids, a busy life, and not one extra penny or thought to spend on bullshit, I have an issue with this.

Here's a pic of the beautiful, amazing, elegant Sophia Loren with an evening gown on and unshaved pits.

And here's an article of several women with unshaven pits--some athletes and some awesome amazing movies stars, such as Julia Roberts and Helen Bonham Carter--gasp!

I mean, I read an article  some time back that suggested that some things we believe we need are relatively recent inventions -- things like antiperspirant, mouthwash, and yes, shaving the pits. (As a side note, there's also an article purporting that we're doing things wrong nowadays, things like bathing daily or multiple times a day and pooping while sitting.)

So back to these pits and razors. As I stood in the store still staring at the prices, I suddenly remembered I still had some unused razors at home. They aren't the super fancy kind (but they aren't the manly Bics either.) When I was younger and in such a rush, I used to cut my pits and legs something fierce while attempting to shave. I'm older now, married, and have kids, which means the bathroom is my sanctuary, my safe place to steal time away from the hubbub of life. I'll keep using my less fancy blades and take my ever-loving time in the bathroom doing so.

Me thinks me doth protest the bullshit that is planned obsolescence.
You should too.

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