Sunday, August 24, 2014

Things I’ve Learned from the Shooting of Michael Brown and the Unrest in Ferguson

As a black female and mother of two young black males, I can’t help but watch what’s unfolding in Ferguson since the Michael Brown shooting on Aug. 9.  This shooting death went from an event that sadly, most people of color are no longer shocked by to a situation of unrest as people protest, police over-react to attempt to control crowds, journalists are arrested, citizens are tear-gassed, people (believed to be outsiders) loot and agitate, and AG Eric Holder arrives.

We’re horrified that these things keep happening and nothing ever seems to change.  There are more names of black males (and females) beaten and/or killed by police in the last several years than anyone could remember or count.  But their families remember.  
And though we can’t remember each name, we know that they happened and again, sadly, we’re no longer surprised.

The protests, occasional looting, overly excessive response by the police, and overall unrest in Ferguson following the shooting death make me reflective of life in America as a black person, make me extremely nervous and concerned about the future and life in America for my boys as they grow into young men (who will one day be viewed with suspicious eyes by someone somewhere), and reflective yet concerned about what all of this has revealed.

So, here’s what I’ve learned…

(I wanted to number this, but I'm sure I’ll be returning to this post to update it.)

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