Monday, June 17, 2013

Decisions & indecisions...

Indecisive people annoy the shit out of me!

We make decisions based on the best information we have at the moment, or at least, we should.  That means, gather your information, be as informed as possible about your options, then choose!  If you need advice from others to help you make a decision, seek it, then re-evaluate your options based on the information you've gathered, those people's opinions, your own assessments, then make a decision.  If making the decision takes time, that's fine, but 
don't keep asking people their opinions over and over again on the same stuff.

Why do people feel the need to constantly reconsider or constantly confirm a decision or constantly seek advice before ever attempting a choice? Are they unsure about their choice?  Insecure about their choice? 

Huge life decisions require time, consideration, consultation, and serious thought about the best decision and consequences of that decision.  By huge, I mean buying a house, having a kid, attending school some place, moving, changing or starting careers, purchasing an animal, changing your food habits, etc.

Minor life decisions do not require as much thought though some forethought it still required.  Weigh your choices, pick, and leap.  If shit gets fucked up from that choice, try a new choice.

Being informed seems to be the theme I keep coming back to.  Because I value information, planning, and being decisive about choices, indecision annoys me more than it should.  It's also possible that my pregnancy hormones and brain have heightened this annoyance, but I don't think that's it.  I've always been annoyed by indecision.  People hemming and hawing and bouncing back and forth between decisions annoys me.  

By no means am I saying that I have the answers, but I do suppose that people bring themselves unnecessary stress and grief when they bounce back and forth between decisions rather than researching thoroughly, then making an informed decision to begin with.  

Be informed.
Be wise.
Leap into your decisions with all your being.  If they fail, try another choice, but you'll never know if you keep being indecisive and never choose anything.

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