Monday, March 4, 2013

Homemade Stuff... Nicole in DIY-land pt 1

My adventure in actually making stuff really began after my first son was born.   Prior to him being born, I started researching on products I could make to save money.  I researched homemade baby wipes, homemade baby food, using cloth diapers, and all sorts of other stuff.  I ended up only making the homemade food at the time.

When I first began making his food, it was more about saving money than avoiding chemicals or being super organic or something like that.  After slowly becoming more cognizant of the crap that's in the foods we consume, I set out on a mission to make most of his baby food.  If I had to buy his food, it was organic unless we were in a dire situation (travelling on the road and only a convenience store shelf of regular baby food was available).  I bought the baby food books, the little baby food ice cube type trays, lived on, and happily told anyone who asked about his food and my methods.  The food adventure was fun, economical, and I even got my husband into doing, which I really thought would be a battle.  Granted he's always been supportive of my little experiments, and he's not "your average male," but it was great to see him actively get involved with making the foods. I'm glad we have that experience to carry on with baby #2.  

It was a bit frustrating at times to have to defend why I made his food to older relatives.  They questioned and joked about why I only/mostly bought organic foods for him and why I made his food.  I made his food because we couldn't always afford organic.  It's healthier, but geez, it can be expensive.  Fresh and frozen is better than canned and prepackaged, so I'll do that instead.
When I finally reminded these relatives that their parents fed them "organic," homemade food (although it wasn't called that then) considering the time period they grew up in, they backed off.  I still trudged on regardless of the criticisms.

Now, that baby #2 is soon to appear, I'm happy to have an upgraded blender, more websites to turn to, my own, more active blog, and more knowledge about food to be able to make even better foods for the little person when he's old enough to eat.

My own food journey during this pregnancy has been much more informed thanks to my being a "label hawk" and becoming a wiser food consumer over the years.  Thanks to my desire to make my son's food, I've paid much more attention to what's in food, how food works for or against the body.  I'm by no means as healthy as I should be, but I have better tools to become so now.

When my older son was born, I always said I was determined to make him an adventurous and healthy eater.  To this day, he still is.  So, DIY-ing it must've done something right.

Happy DIY-ing!

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